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Functional Kitchen Sims Mixer (CC for The Sims 4)

This is the description page of my kitchen mixers, read carefully as there are 3 options available.



Home Chef Hustle version.

This is an additional CC version compatible with the official Sims 4 mixer that is available in The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack. It requires the SP to work.

Download here


If you don't have the Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack, you can use the modded version:



(Install ONLY ONE)

1. Override version.

This is an override object for the giant cupcake machine. With this version you will be able to do all the recipes from the original machine.

Download here

2. Standalone version.

This version is called "Surprise Cupcake Maker", and as the name says, your Sims will be able to prepare 1 cupcake at time. The flavor is a surprise (it's random) that your Sims will discover. Very recommended for brave Sims.

Download here



  • To place inside the house use bb.moveobjects
  • To successfully cook make sure there is nothing obstructing the slot where the pastries plate appears (on the right of the mixer)



  • Override version (v3): Fixed issue with the failed recipes and a few tunings.
  • Override version (v2): Fixed the issue where some swatches couldn't  be placed on a counter.


I would like to thanks my talented friend PandaSama for helping me like A LOT creating these mods in 2021.

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