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Modern Teen Bedroom (CC Pack for The Sims 4)

A few months ago I made a poll about future custom content and surprisingly, many people voted for teens, so I decided to create a Modern Teen Room CC Pack.

When I think about Teen Rooms, I think different kinds of clutter that reflect different teen personalities. I wanted to recreate a room that feels full of things but that at the same time it doesn't look that messy.

I also created 2 new neon signs that could make any room look modern, cool and chic.

For entertainment I made a new computer model that comes in 2 versions. Additionally, there is a pair of headphones that can be used as speakers!

I wanted to maintain a modern look for the furniture, and there is everything needed to create a perfect bedroom, beds, night tables, bookshelf and an open dresser. All of them with lots of slots to decorate them as you wish.

This collection comes with a great variety of swatches, for teens at least I think it is important to use a variety of colors. Do you agree?

I hope that with this CC Pack you can create the prefect bedroom for your teens that reflects their own personalities and lifestyles 🙂

I hope you like this CC pack!


  • 44 items
  • New bed mattress and frames
  • New Neon Signs (these need Moschino SP)
  • New Computer Model (2 versions)
  • Functional items: Bookshelf, Dresser, Headphones Speakers, Lights
  • Clutter and more!

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