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Home Improvements (CC Pack for The Sims 4)

It's time for some home improvements with this pack dedicated to daily life utilities! Maybe you can remember that some time ago I made a poll asking for new ideas for future content and to my surprise this theme was very popular. So today I want to share with you Home Improvements CC PACK 🙂

This cc pack contains a variety of different objects to create a more "realistic" house for your daily life stories in your favorite Life Simulator.

Complete your basement reno with gas and water pipes, a tank water heater and full renovated woodworking table!

Also refresh your garden look with this cool irrigator controller, faucets and a redesigned sprinkler, perfect to make your crops shine.

New elements to decorate your exteriors such as electricity meters, gas meters, electrical and phone utility boxes and new vents!

I hope you like this cc pack and don't forget to share with me your reno pictures!



  • Activities and Skills: Woodworking table
  • Electronics: Smoke Alarm, AC Mini Split (requieres Seasons EP)
  • Comfort: Stool
  • Surface: High Table (requieres Industrial Loft Kit), Hallway Table
  • Pluming: Garden Faucet, Garden Sprinkler (requieres Seasons EP)
  • Decorative: AC Mini Split, Drain, Electrical Utility Box, Electricity Meter, Exterior AC, Fuse Box, Garden Faucets, Gas Cylinders, Gas Meter, Gas Pipes, Water Pipe, Irrigator Controller, Phone Utility Box, Tankless Heater, Tank Water Heater, Tool Board, Vents, Floor Vent, 10 Light Switches & Power Sockets

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