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Tiny Playrooms: Kitchen and Music (CC Pack for The Sims 4)

I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce my latest creation – the "Tiny Playrooms" CC Pack!

This pack is all about bringing some amazing and incredibly fun additions to your Sims' kids' spaces, and I can't wait to share the excitement with you!

This collection brings an array of whimsical toys, objects, and furniture for your littlest Sim kiddos. Picture this: Tiny kitchens, miniature music instruments, and a whole lot of imaginative fun!

From a charming functional toy kitchen set that will have your young Sims cooking up their wildest culinary dreams, to adorable decorative music instruments, including a functional xylophone, the "Tiny Playrooms" pack is designed to spark their creativity and make playtime a blast!

Share your creations on social media and tag me – I can't wait to see the incredible playrooms you'll design for your Sims!
Enjoy the fun, and as always, happy simming! 😄🧸🎵

Special thanks to PandaSama for letting me use their incredible mods as part of this collection!


  • Activities: Kitchen and Xylophone (Functional with PandaSama x Ravasheen Little Chef's Toy Kitchen and Playable Xylophone)
  • Comfort: Deer Chair
  • Decorative: Curtains, Drums, Painting, Guitar, Mini Fridge, Mini Piano, Mixer, Rug, Shopping Cart, Sloth, Mini Washing Machine, Cleaning Supplies
  • Storage: Bookcase
  • Surface: Mini Kitchen Counter


You can find all my CC or this CC Pack typing "SixamCC" or "Playrooms" in the search bar in the catalog.


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Public access: November 6

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