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The Furniture Showroom (CC Pack for The Sims 4)

Over the last few months I have seen some pieces of furniture that I wanted to make but that didn't fit well in any of my previews cc pack ideas. I saved them for a while and I finally found a very cool idea where they all can live together: A Furniture Showroom.

And of course, I always have wanted to recreate the ICONIC Heart-shaped Bed and Hot Tub from The Sims 1 and well, since this is the cc pack of February, I thought it would be appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Along the kinky bedroom and the motel style patio, I created 4 more mini collections that you can use to decorate your Sims houses: a bathroom, a sunroom space, an eclectic reading area and a mini study room.

WooHoo Collection, the bed is inspired in the real life Heart-shaped Bed from the "Pass the Spark" MV featuring Anitta. 

Niagara collection. Inspired by the ICONIC Niagara Love Tub from The Sims: Hot Date.

Eccentric and Bogat collection.

Guan and Puzzlion collection.

Enjoy my CC Pack and don't forget to tag me when you share your creations on social media. 🥰

  • 38 items all base game compatible.
  • Confort: 3 Chairs, Sofa chair, Heart-shaped Bed.
  • Build: 1 Wallpaper, 3 Carpet Floors.
  • Decorative: 2 Plants, Painting, Circle Wall Sculpture, Ceiling fan (3 Sizes), Mirror.
  • Lighting: Desk Lamp, Heart Night Table Lamp, Ceiling Lamp (3 Sizes), 3 Neon Lights.
  • Plumbing: Sink, Bath Tub, Heart-shaped Hot Tub (base game and functional).
  • Storage: Empty Bookcase (functional).
  • Surface: 2 Dining Table, 3 Coffee Tables, Mini Stand Table.

You can find all my CC or this CC Pack typing "SixamCC" or "Furniture Showroom" in the search bar in the catalog.


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Public access: March 28

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