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Stylish Wood – Cozy Guestroom (CC Pack for The Sims 4)

It's time for a new collection of wooden furniture! This, as you may know, is part of my Stylish Wood series. In the first edition I presented you a Living Room space, the second one was the Fancy Dinner Dining collection. This time it's all about a guestroom.

Now, maybe you remember the story of the recently married Julia and Zuri and Richard and Vanessa, my most sophisticated couple. Today I will tell you a little more about Maria, Luis, Jo and Tania.

These 4 don't know each other, but they definitely have something in common: their passion for natural wood aesthetic and the time and budget to reno an old room in their house to make a perfect guestroom where their guest could spend a confortable time while they are visiting.

Maria, who is in the cover art of this edition, kindly opened the doors of her beautiful house in San Myshuno and gave me a tour around her very beautiful guestroom where you can feel her taste in good furniture :p

Luis, Jo and Tania also had an incredible result using this collection, they said (very smiley) that they heard nothing but compliments about their work as amateur interior designers from all of their guests. 

I hope you enjoy this CC Pack and don't forget to tag me if you share your creations using my cc in social media. 😊

  • 26 items.
  • Confort: Double Bed Mattress, Single Bed Mattress, Double Bed Frame, Single Bed Frame, Bench, Chair.
  • Decorative: Fireplace, Canopy (2), Potted Plants (2), Table Photo Frame (2), Rug, Mirror for Vanity Desk.
  • Lighting: Wall Lamp, Candle, Ceiling Lamp (2 length).
  • Storage: Dressers (2), Opened Dresser.
  • Surface: Night Table, Vanity Desk (regular desk).
  • Special items: Functional Vanity Table (Requieres Glamour Vintage SP), Functional Mirror for Vanity Desk (Requieres Everyday Clutter Kit).

You can find all my CC or this CC Pack typing "SixamCC" or "Cozy Guestroom" or "Stylish Wood" in the search bar in the catalog.


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  • SimmErika, thank you so much for helping me with the Sims poses 🙂

Public access: January 24

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