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Small Spaces: Work from Home (CC Pack for The Sims 4)

Today I want to share with you a cc pack I have been planning since last year and I am sure you will get where this idea came from.

Since lockdown 2 years ago many of us had to improvise a workspace at home, and since our Sims can work from home as well, I thought they needed some pieces to create a little but functional office in their houses.

From a little cute space in your own bedroom, to a fancy desk made from expensive oak, this collection has a variety of pieces you can use to create a cool desk and decorate it with everything you need to properly work from home.

The little ones need a cool space as well! It doesn't matter if they have to be near the dinning room, they will feel confortable in their own space.

There are 2 small desks in case your Sims house is smaller and you need to create a workspace between the living room and the kitchen.

Also I think this collection is versatile enough to create your own open office, at least I tried to recreate the cool offices of a videogames studio I know :p

"Coming! I just have to sent an important e-mail to my boss"... your Sims will simply love their own office spaces.

And finally, why not use the office tools for something more entertaining like an improvised home theater in the backyard?

I hope you like this cc pack!



  • Comfort: Profesional Desk Chair, 3 Dining Chairs, 1 Desk Chair for Kids
  • Decorative: Desk Calendar, Paper Stack, Stapler, Cork Board, Kids paper basket, Piggy Bank, Shelf, White Board, No break, Printer, Router, Wall Router, Projector
  • Electronics: Screen Projector with stand (TV), Screen Project in wall (TV), Tablet with keyboard, Designer Computer
  • Storage: Bookshelf
  • Surface: 3 Large Desks, 2 Mini Desks, 1 Dining Table, 1 Small Table, 1 Kids Desk, 1 Projector Table

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