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Living Room for a Cozy Family (CC Pack for The Sims 4) by SIXAMcc x OshinSims

Heya guys!

Today I want to share with you this very special collaboration I did with OshinSims, you know we actually started talking about doing a bathroom a few weeks ago and we ended it up doing a whole CC PACK. We hope you like it!

The "Living Room for a Cozy Family" CC PACK is the perfect addition to any Sim family's home. This pack includes a variety of warm and inviting furniture pieces that will make your Sims feel right at home, as well as toys for toddlers and infants to play with.
From plush sofas and armchairs to a nice carpet and rustic coffee table, this pack has everything you need to create a comfortable and relaxing space for your Sims to spend time together.

The warm color palette of the furniture and decor items in this pack includes shades of cream, beige, and soft gray, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Whether your Sims are spending a quiet evening in front of the fire or entertaining friends and family, the "Living Room for a Cozy Family" CC PACK is sure to be a favorite gathering spot in their home.

We hope you enjoy this CC Pack as much as we do and hey, don't forget to tag us if you share your creations on social media. 🥰


Confort: 3 Living Chairs, 1 Love Seat, 1 Sectional Sofa
Decorative: 2 Plants, Blankets Basket, Blankets for Sofa, Cushions for Sofa, Books (works as funcional bookshelves), Books + Functional Candle, Paintings, 1 Rug
Lighting: Floor Lamp
Kids: Infant Rattle, 2 Funcional Stackable Toy
Pets: 2 Dog Beds, 1 Food Bowl
Surface: 1 TV Stand, 1 Coffee Table


You can find all my CC or this CC Pack typing "SixamCC", "OshinSims" or "Cozy Family" in the search bar in the catalog.


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OshinSims, thank you so much for doing this collaboration with me, I have always loved your aesthetic and gameplays, I am happy we came up with this lovely cc theme for all the Simmers. 😊

You can follow Oshin on Twitter and follow her amazing Sims stories in her YouTube channel. 💜


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