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Art Studio My Rustic Lodge (CC Pack for The Sims 4)

Introducing "Art Studio: My Rustic Lodge" CC Pack – a blend of artistic inspiration and the cozy charm of a rustic, woody and stone cabin-style house. Step into a world where creativity flourishes amidst the tranquility of nature, allowing your Sim to become a talented artist living in the heart of the forest or their very own ranch.

The warm and earthy tones of the cabin-style interior perfectly harmonize with the rustic wood and stone elements, creating a seamless integration between nature and artistic expression.

Equipped with all the essential tools and materials, your Sim will have everything they need to unleash their imagination and create masterpieces inspired by the enchanting world outside their doorstep. Easels, brushes, and a myriad of artistic supplies adorn the studio, ready to bring your Sim's artistic vision to life.

Whether your Sim seeks solace in the serenity of nature or draws inspiration from the vibrant colors of the wild, "Art Studio: My Rustic Lodge" CC Pack allows you to realize the dream of merging the tranquil life of an artist with the rustic charm of a secluded cabin in the woods.


  • I created 21 items for this collection
  • Comfort: Metal Chair, Stool, Living Chair
  • Decorative: Painting Set, Oil Paint Set, Brief Case with Art supplies, Wooden Palette, Sketchbook, Apples plate, Palette Knifes, Colored Pencils, Drawing Board, Fireplace (2 sizes)
  • Lightning: 1 decorative lamp for the Drawing Board, Table Lamp
  • Skills: Wooden Easel
  • Storage: Bookcase
  • Surfaces: Desk, End table


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  • SimmErika, thank you so much for helping me with the pose for the box art 🙂


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