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Life in Plastic! πŸ’— A Barbie World (CC Pack for The Sims 4)


Introducing the "Life In Plastic" CC Pack, my own version of Barbieland inspired by the Barbie movie. Prepare to transport your Sims to a realm of glamour, joyfulness, and pink-tastic furniture! πŸŽ€πŸ‘ 

This time, NANDO and I focused on creating a series of furniture inspired by the movie, where every piece is designed to capture the essence of Barbie's iconic world. Almost piece in this dreamy collection is crafted from plastic! Life in plastic is fantastic, indeed! πŸ’–

From an elegant heart shaped bed with sparkling sheets to luxurious fireplace fit for a princess home, each piece exudes a fairytale charm that'll make your Sims feel like they're living in their very own Barbieland!

I hope you all love this CC Pack as much as I loved bringing it to life. So let your Sims indulge in their own magical plastic-inspired adventures!

πŸ’œCOLOR PALETTE. As much as I like Pink, I added other more "neutral" tones that can be use for other decoration styles. I hope you find this helpful.


  • 35 Items
  • Activities: Curved bar
  • Build: Grass Tile Recolors, Pool Shape, Pink Rocks Tile, Rocks Wallpaper that matches with the fireplace
  • Comfort: Arm Chair, Heart Shape Bed, Bed Cushions, Bench, Dinner Chair, Fire Place (3 sizes), Lounge Chair, Love Seat, Ottoman, Sofa, Stool, Vanity Chair
  • Decorative: Umbrella, Vanity Mirror
  • Lighting: Floor Lamp, 2 Table Lamp, Street Lamp
  • Outdoor: Bin
  • Surface: Coffee Table, Dinner Table, Night Table, Vanity


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Public access: September 16

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